Welcome to RCH Tech Solutions

At RCH Tech Solutions “Complex problems Solved Quickly” is not a slogan, but a result!
Our wide range of experience in small business and technology enable us to find answers that fit the business needs and the budget.

With an arsenal of tools and a team of dedicated technicians we can help you find solutions that fit your needs and just as important, fit your budget.

  • Custom Development Services
  • WordPress plugins and themes
  • Wishlist Member plugins and custom Integrations
  • Premium Web Cart custom integrations

Custom Development Services

As any web based business owner knows, there is a software module, plugin or service for just about anything you may need. But along with that comes the issue that these disparate systems do not all “talk” to each other.  This can result in spending more time managing your processes than managing your business. Sometimes software does not exist that meets your specific business needs. RCH Tech Solutions has experience building custom solutions and integrating various 3rd party software systems.  Our goal is to provide you with solutions that meets your business needs and keep the you managing your business,  not the processes.

Custom WordPress plugins.

WordPress is one of primary areas of our primary areas of focus.  We create many custom WordPress plugins and themes for clients all over the world.  We can modify existing plugins to meet specific needs, wrap many standalone web based applications into a plugin that works within your site.

Wishlist Member plugins and custom integrations.

Wishlist Member is a very flexible and robust membership plugin for wordpress. If you need to limit access and protect content on your wordpress site, you should really consider Wishlist Member.  With our detailed knowledge of Wishlist Member functionality and experience with their API, we can extend Wishlist Member to meet any specific needs it does not already cover.