Integrate Wishlist Member + Premium Web Cart for ultimate control of your membership!

Checkout multiple levels at the same time. You can choose to bypass the extra registration screen after purchase. Utilize one-click member removal from both WLM and your shopping cart. Track recurring payments inside your WordPress dashboard. Specify grace periods for missed payments, and much, much more!

Reduce Signup confusion with Automated Registration

You have the option to take your customers from the final payment screen in the PWC checkout process, straight to the content that they have purchased.  Automatically create new user accounts in your membership, or add new purchases to existing customer accounts. If you’d like your customers to choose a username or set their own initial password, that’s ok, you can do that too!

Automated Account Cancellation based on Recurring Payments

Whether you have a recurring payment membership program or a single payment membership, or both, you know that managing users that cancel their orders or that have declined recurring payments can be a royal pain.  By using PWC+ you can reduce the headache by ensuring that your memberships are cancelled when payments are not completed or refunded.

Upsell Existing Members with Ease

PWC+ will credit new purchases to the account that is logged in. If not logged in, it will add the new membership to existing accounts based on matching email addresses. Want to offer a special product or price to existing members? Just add your sales page to the existing member level and protect it with Wishlist Member.  Then only existing members can access your sales page, and because they are logged in you can be assured that the new purchase will be added to the account.

Recurring Payment Checks

The PWC+ plugin has the ability to proactively check a customers recurring payment status at intervals you specify. This feature can help to reduce the ways your membership system looses sync with the status of your customers payments, refunds, incomplete recurring payments, etc..

Multiple memberships in ONE order

Want to sell multiple memberships in one transaction? No Problem! PWC+ can handle multiple membership levels per purchase and can even handle selling memberships in a “Post Upsell.”

Not sure if WLM Upsells will work for you? No problem. We provide a 30 Day Refund policy on this plugin. If for any reason the plugin does not work for you, we will first try to help you figure out a solution, if not we will refund your purchase.30DayMBG

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